Thumbs and Needles

Intake and Shiatsu 90 minutes*                             € 90,-

Shiatsu treatment 60 minutes*                              € 70,-

Acupuncture Toyohari & Manaka style*          € 65,-  ( Intake € 85,- )

*As of October 1, 2018

Thumbs and Needles is open on Mondays and Fridays (Free parking)

Hoogwoudstraat 6, 1023 XV, Amsterdam

New: Thumbs and Needles also practices on Wednesdays at the Japanese Acupuncture Centre

W.G. Plein, unit 330, AOC Building (oude Wilhemina Gasthuis), Amsterdam

In the Netherlands most health insurance companies reimburse Iokai Shiatsu and Acupuncture treatments when the patient has purchased additional ‘alternative medicine’ insurance.

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About Thumbs and Needles

My passion for Iokai Shiatsu

As a holistic practitioner I often witness extremes in people. Sometimes focus tends to be too much on the body and what is wrong with it and sometimes the focus seems to be too much on the moods and feelings experienced, ignoring what the body is trying to say.  To me the process of giving and receiving Shiatsu means; restoring the dynamic equilibrium of the body and mind.  Shiatsu encourages deep relaxation and healing during and after treatment.    

Shiatsu works through connecting with the patients meridian (energy pathway) system. When an experienced practitioner works with the meridian system, the body’s innate self-healing capacity is rekindled. Shiatsu was founded in Japan around the turn of the 20th century and stems from ancient oriental medicinal philosophy and practices, dating back well over 2500 years. Nowadays, Shiatsu is widely practiced both in East and the West and recognised as one of the branches of alternative therapy.

Shiatsu is received on a mat (futon) on the floor while wearing comfortable clothes. A treatment takes about an hour depending on the condition of the patient. In general a single treatment already benefits, yet as Shiatsu is a process, a serie of treatments enables a fuller and completer result.  A typical serie can range between 5 and 10 treatments.

More about Iokai Shiatsu

About Birute

I am a Iokai Shiatsu therapist and acupuncturist living and practicing in Amsterdam Noord.

In 2004 I moved to Amsterdam from my hometown Vilnius (Lithuania). Here I was fortunate to meet shiatsu masters Eloise Sewell and Kazunori Sasaki. I graduated in 2012 at the Iokai Shiatsu school in Amsterdam and have been actively practising Shiatsu  since, In 2016 I started teaching at the school as well.

My passion for Oriental Medicine continued and desiring to deepen my knowledge and understanding of holistic healing I completed HBO Western Medicine basics and TCM/Acupuncture training in Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam. I am currently undertaking a year long specialisation in Toyohari Japanese acupuncture.


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